Thursday, March 27, 2003

Consumption and The Crisis in Iraq

The majority of wars in our history have been religiously based. Look at N. Ireland...Christians killing Christians... Yes, the propaganda makes each side out to be evil. A mother in Iraq is as caring as a mother in the US. A child in Iraq is as precious as a child in the US. Countries of people aren't evil, but their leaders can be.

My personal belief is that our interest in this region is purely about oil. It's about oil because you and I live in large houses, drive cars all the time, eat food out of plastic containers, and keep warm in the winter. We consume 25% of the worlds and I. This mission is about establishing a base for future conflicts to come in a region that is significant to the future well being of our country. Right or wrong, that's the plan. If it were about a humanitarian effort, we would then have to ask why are so many Africans suffering? Bosnians? and the list goes on. If it were about weapons of mass destruction, we'd be in N. Korea, India, and Pakistan. Yes, it's about oil, but you and I are responsible for it until we reduce our consumption by 80%. Are you committed?

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