Friday, April 30, 2010

The Emerging Shift

More from the interview with Long Wave master, David Knox Barker:

"Human psychology drives the cycles and there are trends in psychology. For instance, if you look at the 1970s to early ‘80s and the force that brought Ronald Reagan into office, it was a seasonal change in the long wave. It was a shift from the Roosevelt era of the 1930s of “The government should go out and save me from the economic forces” to “Let the free market take care of itself.” Then with Obama we saw a shift back to the idea that the government needs to step in and control the markets. A lot of the psychology you see is manifested in political trends. In the 1930s we gave the New Deal a chance. I talked in about that in the 1995 edition of my book, that fact that we’d probably see a global version of the New Deal proposed during the present crisis. And sure enough that’s exactly what was proposed [during the credit crisis of 2008]. The fact that people are even talking about a global New Deal is a sign that the psychology has radically changed. The socialists are excited because they think we’re headed in that direction, but I think they’re in for a major disappointment. I think we’re heading for a shift [in psychology] to a degree larger than the previous shift in political psychology. I sincerely believe the Tea Party movement is an early manifestation of this emerging shift, which I believe will be toward the Great Republic."

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