Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Treacherous Road To The Blind Side

A few years ago, my friend JD recommended that I read the book Blind Side by Michael Lewis. It's a true story of a homeless black boy wandering the streets of Memphis. Abandoned by a crack addicted mother, Michael Oher somehow survives in the street on his own without any support. A friend's father decides to take his son and Michael to enroll in the elite private Christian school, Briarcrest, on the other side of town. Amazingly, he's accepted as a special needs case and by great fortune is taken in by a caring family, the Tuohys. With great assistance and love, Michael graduates from high school on the honor roll and with a very promising college football career ahead of him at Ole Miss. At Ole Miss, he had 74 straight starts (3rd in NCAA history) and led the Rebels to victories over Florida and in their bowl game in his last season.

The story got better last week when he was drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. Homeless black child wandering the streets to 1st round draft pick in the NFL. It's not the typical story, but it's one where you can say "only in America". The book is a great read not only covering Oher's life story, but also documenting the evolution of the left tackle position in the NFL.

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