Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 100 Day Report Card

The media appeared to focus most of this week on the conclusion of President Obama's first 100 days. I guess that the Mexican pigs have disappeared for now. Most of Team Blue appears to be relieved that they survived, while Team Red is mad as hell. Take off the team uniforms and lets take a crack at it. First of all, it's obsurd to assess the first 100 days of anyone taking any job. But, lets give it a try.
My survey says:

-Effort: A
The new administration didn't sit around much that's for sure. While I disagree with almost 100% of the decisions made, I give an "A" for effort.

-Presentation/Communication: A
We can't blame them for not being visible. Two world leader summits and many press conferences provided information. While none was that positive, we have to say that they were visible and provided information. No matter what team you claim, you have to agree that President Obama's articulation skills are light years beyond that of Dubya's.
-Cabinet Selections: C-
Is it really that hard to find moral, honest people that didn't evade taxes?
-Fiscal Responsibility: F
The travesty that has taken place regarding the bailout of our corporations is criminal. Once this becomes evident to the sheeple, it will be way too late to correct. It's actually too late already.

-Strategy: D-
I was being generous with the D-. The platform of "change" during the election campaign has been "missing in action". Yes, a lot of surficial change has been presented as a facade. But the two major problems remain: (1) the Federal Reserves printing of money and (2) our quest for imperialistic dominance in the Middle East. Actually, there has been change, but it has been in the wrong direction. The printing of money has greatly accelerated to catastrophic levels and our Middle East "heartland strategy" is quickly growing into Pakistan and Iran. These two factors are very significant. Printing money to then lend to corporate dinosaurs is a powder keg waiting to happen. Our grandchildren might not even be able to recover from this one. We must remember that as presented in IOUSA, this administration just added 2 trillion to AN ALREADY EXISTING LIABILITIES AND UNFUNDED PROMISES OF $56.4 TRILLION.

-The 1st Family Pooch: C-
I've never heard of this water dog breed. A Golden Retriever would have been the ticket.

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