Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patriotism vs Nationalism

The word "patriot" continues to be used more and more these days. Big Bully O'Reilly makes his determination of "patriot" or "pinhead". So what is this surge in the use of the words "patriot" and "patriotism" all about? Possibly, during contraction cycles we channel our fear into this pride and/or arrogance as the herd comes closer together. Our fear might cause us to pull away from other countries and focus on ourselves. We might become more aggressive and imperialistic. Lastly, we might evolve more towards nationalism rather than patriotism. There is a huge difference and the results can be drastically diverse.

"I am patriotic. These days I like to draw the line between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism is love of country. Nationalism is breast beating 'we are number one and kick your butt'." Peggy Noonan

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