Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Archie & The Helmet

As a young boy I was fortunate to be able to attend many Saints games to watch my hero Archie Manning attempt to turn the Saints into a winning franchise. I remember one game where a fight broke out on the field and the benches quickly emptied with referees and coaches in the middle of the melee trying to break it up. At the commencement of the fight, Archie, the team leader, slowly walked away from the brawl, took his helmet off, and sat from afar watching the event transpire. It was obvious that Archie was aware that something more important was going NFL football game. The fight was a side event that had no impact on the larger task at end.

When watching the news at night and reading emails from my "politically charged" friends, I often think of Archie and his decision to walk away from the melee and stay focused on the more important task at hand. The politicos are swinging with full force, and I wonder if they are even aware of the major changes that are occurring. It might be a case of the "forest and the trees".

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