Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arianna & The Funk

Could Arianna be catching on to the downward trend in mass social mood? Yes, but she might be placing it in the wrong context.

"Let's talk about unhappiness. Specifically, how it's growing in one segment of our society. And no, it's not white congressmen from South Carolina, hip-hop artists who feel Beyoncé got slighted, or recipients of ill-timed foot-fault calls. It's women. According to study after study, women are becoming more and more unhappy. This drop in happiness is found in women across the social and economic landscape. It doesn't matter what their marital status is, how much money they make, whether or not they have children, their ethnic background, or the country they live in. Women around the world are in a funk."
Arianna Huffington

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huffington/the-sad-shocking-truth-ab_b_290021.html

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