Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Want My MTV

College campuses appear to be heating up worldwide. First UCLA, now Iran. We have a generation of kids waking up to the reality that their parents have not only indebted them for life, but also destroyed their current job market and prospects. Kent State might end up looking like a mild one when this one peaks.

"Violence erupted in Tehran today as thousands of students and opposition activists staged fresh protests against the Government. Riot police using teargas and batons charged demonstrators in two of the capital’s main squares. Security forces flooded the streets and sealed off universities. They were reported to be firing in the air and bringing in water cannon, but they failed to prevent students demonstrating on campuses across Tehran and in other Iranian cities. The authorities cut off internet services and took down the mobile telephone network in some places, but snatches of grainy footage still reached the West."
Source: Times Online

Cutting off cell phones and internet access will really get these kids fired up! "I want my MTV!"

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