Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Swans and Black Gold

Another "Black Swan" is heading for Louisiana. Just when my home state was really starting to feel it's "mojo" again. Just a few weeks ago, the New York Times declared that the New Orleans comeback was for real. A Superbowl victory and a new hot HBO show called "Treme".

The oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is growing daily with no confirmed short term solution. The Valdez had a finite volume of oil on board. This well is flowing from an oil reservoir that could produce for forty years.

Last Sunday I was watching the memorial for the deceased miners. Within one week, another energy catastrophe is upon us. The only good thing that can come from these events is that our nation starts a dialogue on an energy policy. The oil/gas industry has discovered a staggering amount of natural gas over the past five years. Natural gas powered eighteen-wheelers and government vehicles sounds like a "no brainer". The coal lobby might just be too powerful. We'll see. Some proactive behavior will be required.

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