Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Political Leopards

Specter, the "political leopard", became the latest victim of the downward trending mass social mood.  You can run, but you can't hide from the angry mob.  It appears that the media is starting to understand the concept of "mass social mood".

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — "Centrism and just plain survival made Arlen Specter part of the nation's political fabric for nearly half a century, his cancer-fighting, party-switching story as much about evading death as writing laws. But the very adaptability that helped Specter, 80, endure turned politically fatal Tuesday, when the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Democrat lost his party's Pennsylvania primary. His defeat raised a painful truth: He could not have won a sixth Senate term as a member of either party given the anti-incumbent mood of 2010."
Source: Associated Press

On a related note, Ron Paul's son, Dr. Rand Paul achieves victory in Kentucky.  Is this a sign that Ron Paul could make a strong run in 2012??

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