Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Breakup Of The Two Dynasties?

As usual, I'll stray from the typical "known" perspective of a recent event.  We all know that the BP oil spill is a tragedy of epic proportions.  We know that BP's CEO will be jobhunting soon (not really; he'll get a tremendous parachute; next thing to be mad at).  We all know that the politicians are seizing the moment.  Jindall won't leave the beach.  Nungesser has elevated his political ambition.  Obama is the fall guy (you know he blew up the levees).  Palin is paralyzed with her "drill baby drill" speech.  But, I digress.

One of the most interesting developments is the intense anger at BP because it is a British company.  I've heard so many sheeple proclaim "why is a foreign oil company drilling in our waters?".  Now you ask?  Because they and many others have been doing it for years.  We need them to because we need their investment capital. 

Could this event be the beginning of a rift with our "next of kin"?  Our co-invasion buddies?  Xenophobia against our native homeland?  During the contraction we herd with those like us and move away from those that are different.  Remember, keep an eye on the European Union.  It will come to a catastrophic conclusion.  Mark my words.

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