Friday, October 1, 2010

The Supersize Me Era

Team Blue and Team Red continue to point the finger at one another in the blame game.  Twenty eight years of debt accumulation and we want to blame those in power today.  It all kicked off with the "morning in America".  How steep can the curve get before it rolls over?  As a wise man once said "don't try to catch the falling arrow".

"The Keynesian school argues that 'money supply' is the driver of the economy and, in times of cooling economic activity, deficit spending will kick start it again. This behaviour has been in place since the Reagan years and the net result has been the emergence of a debt mountain.  The Austrian school argues that “the market” should be allowed to breathe in and out without interference and that mindlessly throwing money at the economy will result in nothing other than malinvestment. A corollary to this school of thought is that there needs to be an external discipline exerted on banker behaviour in the form of formal constraints regarding the quantum of money in circulation. Logically (it is argued by growing number of people) the most sensible constraint will be a gold standard in some form."
Brian Bloom

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