Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trouble On The Back Nine

Dana Carvey said on his fortieth birthday that he was "starting to play the back nine".  Some of these superstars might have wished they were out of the limelight for the back nine.  Maybe the downward trending curve of mass social mood has swept them up.

"Brett Favre may have put in an admirable showing even as the Vikings fell to the Jets Monday night, but it was the quarterback's sex scandal that dominated headlines after the game. 'If you want to talk about what happened in the football game tonight, I'd love to,' Favre said when asked whether the allegations against him were true. The married quarterback notched his 501st touchdown pass during the game, but then faced a throng of reporters asking questions about whether he sent nude pictures of himself to a former New York Jets game-day host and propositioned a masseuse. When asked what he told his teammates before the game, Favre snapped, 'That's between me and my teammates.'"
Source: ABC News

"People inside Lance Armstrong’s inner circle of friends and colleagues are being called to testify in front of a grand jury investigating suspected doping and fraud in professional cycling, raising the intensity of the inquiry into the possibility of Armstrong’s involvement in crimes while he rode for the United States Postal Service team."
Source: New York Times

"Brett Favre has retired again. I'm one that felt that he would have been best to retire as a Packer, but it's hard to retire the mindset of a competitor, champion, and legend.....ask Lance Armstrong about that. LA might have just destroyed the whole concept of retiring before you get past your prime. Hopefully Brett will find peace hanging out on his ranch in Kiln, MS. Weekend touch football games in his Levis should keep the spirit alive."
Random Roving, July 29, 2009

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