Friday, March 11, 2011

Practice What You Preach?

Being nonpartisan and an independent thinker provides one the opportunity to laugh at news like the one posted below.  Isn't it ironic that Team Red is preaching about decreasing spending, yet the RNC has $23 million in debt.  Too funny.  It's also been reported that former chairman Steele spend $2 million in his final two weeks.  What a party that must have been!!

"As Republicans and Democrats prepare for what is sure to be a contentious 2012 election cycle, the Republican National Committee finds itself $23 million in debt, committee chairman Reince Priebus announced on Monday.  Priebus said the RNC's year-end report would announce $21 million in debt for 2010, but that updated figures put the debt at approximately $23 million.  'While the year-end FEC report reveals the Republican National Committee is $21 million in debt, I believe it is best to get out all the facts as we know them associated with our financial position,' Priebus said in a statement. 'To date, the committee has approximately $23 million in debt: $15 million in loans, and $8 million owed to vendors.'"
Source: CBS News

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