Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Mob Is On A Roll

Chalk up another one for the angry mob!

"Miami-Dade County voters recalled their top elected official Tuesday, culminating an effort financed by a billionaire car dealer and fueled by frustrations over a poor economy and unpopular policy decisions.  Some 88% of 200,347 voters elected to oust Republican Carlos Alvarez, with 707 of 829 precincts reporting, along with early and absentee ballots.  Mr. Alvarez easily won re-election in 2008 as mayor of Miami-Dade, the county of 2.5 million residents that includes the city of Miami. But a recall effort gained momentum last fall when he agreed to a budget that raised the county's property taxes while increasing pay to unionized public employees. 'The voters have spoken and a time of healing and reconciliation must now begin,' Mr. Alvarez said in a statement Tuesday night.  In an interview last week, Mr. Alvarez had said he would consider campaigning for his old job in a special election. But in the statement he sounded content. 'I wish the next Mayor of Miami-Dade County much success.'"
Source: Wall Street Journal

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