Thursday, November 8, 2012

Madison Avenue Spin

Well the election is over and now all I keep hearing is the latest "Madison Avenue spin" for our 31 year long debt boom....."Fiscal Cliff".  I checked out "the trend" on Google Trends and, yep, the Sheeple are already regurgitating it like they even know what it means.  Look at this "up trend"

Source: Google Trends
Here's some other great "spin terms" with my interpretation:
-"Axis of Evil" - countries that we plan to control relating to securing oil reserves
-"War on Terror" - justification for invading oil producing nations
-"Operation Enduring Freedom" - Afghanistan, thank you for the landing strip
-"Operation Desert Storm" - cool name for our invasion of an oil producing nation
-"Operation Iraqi Freedom" - "Operation We Now Control Your Oil" or "Sorry France and Germany But Your Oil Contracts Are Now Null And Void"
-"Arab Spring" - the contraction of mass social mood (e.g. The mob is angry)
-"Quantitative Easing" - cool name for bankrupting our country
-"QE1" - ditto
-"QE2" - ditto
-"QE3" - ditto
-"Operation Twist" - QE4 was too predictable?
-"WMD" - remember when we called then "atomic bombs"??
 -"Flash Crash" - major alert that a "Black Swan" lies ahead

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