Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economics of a 12 Year Old

Last Sunday morning I was watching C-Span where they were showing snippets of the many events of last week. My daughter walked in the room and we had this great discussion:
Daughter: Dad, can’t the president get as much money as he wants.
Dad: sort of
Daughter: doesn’t he have his own ATM machine?
Dad: sort of; he has a friend, Ben Bernanke, who does
Daughter: who is he
Dad: he’s the Federal Reserve Chairman
Daughter: he really has his own ATM?
Dad: sort of
Daughter: is he a good guy?
Dad: today he’s probably best described as the “fall guy”
Daughter: what’s a fall guy?
Dad: he’s someone who takes the blame for something he really didn’t do
Daughter: can we turn on the Disney Channel?
Dad: you bet!

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