Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Rising Tide

The rise in credit drove the rise in the financial markets, home sizes, debt levels, confidence, waistlines, car sizes, and childhood obesity. It’s all intertwined and some might say it was all artificially created. The “supersize me” era has ended. History will show that 2000 was the beginning of the end of this massive credit orgy. While everyone is blaming the mortgage market, I believe that this situation or cycle dates back to 1982 with Reagan/Voelker. That’s when the credit and greenback printing presses started warming up. Bush Sr./Greenspan participated. Clinton/Greenspan accelerated to a higher level and Dubyah/Bernanke continued the process. ALL were participants. Both political parties. To hear Greenspan interviewed last week and state that he knew this was coming is outrageous. He was the mastermind behind the majority of the credit cycle. The Fed continues to destroy the U.S. dollar. At some point, the printing presses will run out. Two years ago the Fed quit reporting M3 figures. They said that it was too expensive to track!!! Zimbabwe did the same thing with their inflation rate. Don’t worry, we got ya covered!

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