Monday, December 1, 2008

What Would Sam Say?

What a tragedy at the Walmart on Long Island on Black Friday, America's mega-shopping day. I couldn't help but think of the irony of a "mob" of shoppers stampeding a Walmart employee to his death. What would Sam Walton say if he were alive? Yes, it only happened at one retail store out of the thousands opened that day. But, I think it summarizes the state of our culture and country really well. A mob of shoppers who had stood in line for hours, charge the opening door of a store so that they can buy more things that they don't need apparently at a discounted price. The most shocking report from the scene was that shoppers were angry and despondent when it was announced over the loud speakers that the door was closing due to the death of the Walmart employee. Peter Schiff states that we've evolved from a "production" to a "consumption" country. This event on Black Friday couldn't sum it up better. As I've stated before, our country will be a better place after we deflate from the Super Size Me Era.

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