Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

Another year has flown by and a new year is upon us. 2009 should be another wild ride!

It's 2009 and we have a lot to be thankful for:
-We have our health.
-God has taken good care of us.
-Our family is happy, safe, and well taken care of.
-We are employed.
-Our country hasn't been invaded by a more powerful country seeking our resources.
-We're not about to become the next president of the United States.
-We're not about to become the next Secretary of State of the United States.
-Our football team is rebuilding and will be back on top next year.
-Our country isn't experiencing riots.
-Our stock portfolio hasn't fallen 100%.
-George W. Bush is retiring.
-Gasoline is cheap.
-You still can walk in your grocery and buy food imported from all over the country and the world.
-You still have internet access.
-Brittany Spears is back at #1.
-The aliens are still only observing us.
-It's still not too late to get in shape.
-And last but not least: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are not only about to release a new CD, but are performing at halftime at the Superbowl.

Since New Years is a good time to make predictions, I'll probably just review/revise mine from 10/1/08. I'm sticking with all of them, except my oil price prediction has already been proven wrong.

10/1/08 Predictions
· Oil: $150/barrel before $50/barrel WRONG
· Gold: $1500/ou before $500/ou
· Dow Jones Ind. Avg.: 5000 before 15000
· Next ten years will be the toughest we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime
· Next twenty much tougher than last twenty
· Next fifty much tougher than last fifty
· Military draft: within ten years, probably 5
· Brett Favre won’t be playing for the Jets next season
· Paris Hilton’s career tanks
· Saints win the Superbowl in 2010!!!
My one new prediction: Superbowl 2009 - The Manning Bowl - Peyton vs Eli

I believe that 2009 will be a very challenging year. I don't agree with the gurus that forecast a recession end by the third quarter of next year. Remember that those gurus just informed you that we've been in a recession for the past year. So much for proactive forecasting and timely notification. I think that we're in for a very long haul. A 26 year party requires a long hangover.

My recommendations for the new year:
-Take care of what is important first
-Prepare for all scenarios
-Think for yourself
-Read a lot from diverse sources
-Be aware of who's Kool-Aid you're drinking
-Turn off the TV
-Enjoy life
-Pray a lot!

For a laugh and summary of 2008:

Happy New Year to all!!!

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