Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Under The Radar

It looks like there are some really happy folks today and some sad ones.  The see-saw tilted back in the other direction as predicted. Meg's $141 million just wasn't enough.  Imagine if she started the Meg Whitman Foundation instead with the $141 million?  What a legacy that could have left.  It's ironic that she probably lost due to the fact that her nanny was not a legal citizen.  Fortunately, Fiorina only spent $6.5 million of her own money in her defeat.

Who would have thought that the witch would lose?  Rand Paul proved that a Libertarian disguised as a Republican can get some votes.  Reid squeaked one out.  S. Carolina shocked us all by electing a female of Indian descent. That's a first time for both in that state.

I'll just repeat my comments from November 8, 2008.  Just replace Democrats with Republicans.
"On the flip side, I say to my Democrat friends 'be careful what you wish for'. The Democrats have complete control over the near future. For that, they will be given complete credit for 100% of what happens."
Random Roving, November 8, 2008

Of course, no one has 100% control now.  That's what will make the next two years so interesting.  It will be "finger pointing madness".  Can you hear it already, "if we controlled the House and Senate, then......" or "if we controlled the House and the Presidency then....." or "if you wouldn't have...., then......".  The foundation is now laid for the chaos of 2012.

As the post-election hoopla and Sheeple grazing continues, the Federal Reserve today is making their decision on the next "cruise ship", the QE2.  Stay tuned.

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