Monday, January 24, 2011

Palin Puppet Power

This is a post I've thought about for a long time and I may have missed my opportunity to "call a top" to Palin's euphoric rise.  The fact that some are trying to pin responsibility on her for the shootings in Tuscon might indicate she's "playing the back nine" when it comes to popularity.  The commencement of the reality show for sure will pinpoint the "all time high".  It can only be downhill from here.  Here's how I saw/see it.

The Man: Ms. Palin, you are a real patriot.  Your decision to accept the VP nomination meant a lot to our party.
Puppet Palin: Thank you.  I'll do anything for my country and party.
The Man: Well here's what we need you to do now.
Puppet Palin: Sure, anything.
The Man: We need you to resign from your position as Governor and go to work full time for the party.
Puppet Palin: What?  I can't leave my state and depart my term early.  What would people think?
The Man: Ms. Palin, don't worry.  We'll take care of what people think.  We want you to be the voice of the party.
Puppet Palin:  But won't they think that I bailed on my home state.
The Man:  Like we said, we'll do the worrying.
Puppet Palin: What do you want me to do.
The Man: We want you to keep the party's issues out in front in the media.
Puppet Palin: I won't have to interview with Katie Couric again, will I?
The Man: No, we'll take care of her. We are going to make you a major celebrity.  You'll get book deals, speaking engagements, an expanded wardrobe, and travel across the country.  We'll even set you up a Twitter account.
Puppet Palin: What's Twitter?
The Man: It's this new way to spread the word.  You'll be able to speak to the world about whatever comes to your mind.
Puppet Palin: What else.
The Man: We might even be able to get you a reality show.
Puppet Palin: Like The Osbournes?
The Man: Well, we haven't worked out the details yet.  We even might be able to get Bristol something.
Puppet Palin: Like what?
The Man: Maybe a reality show moment too.
Puppet Palin: Like American Idol?
The Man: That might be pushing it.
Puppet Palin: So, basically this means I'll be the candidate in 2012.
The Man: Well, not exactly.  We want you to wear everybody out before we bring Newt to center stage.
Puppet Palin: Okay. This patriot is in.

With two years to go, they'll be moving her to stage left.  Lets see if Newt, their link to The Gipper, will be their man.

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