Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tidal Update

"This historic unfolding event can be examined and observed on many scales: individuals, cities, counties, states, regions, countries, and continents. The weakest stumble first."
Random Roving, February 3, 2009

"The city of Camden annually appears on a bunch of Top 10 lists—just not the good ones. In fact, this year Camden was ranked the second most dangerous city in the United States, which unfortunately is a step up from 2009 when the New Jersey city earned the uncoveted No. 1 spot.  Yesterday, the crime-ridden city of Camden, New Jersey was forced to let go of 167 of the 373 members of the city’s police department.  CQ Press’s 17th annual crime city rankings show that Camden has the nation’s worst rape and robbery rates in the country, while ranking No. 2 in assault, and No. 4 in murder. The deindustrialized port city has become a harbor for drug trafficking and anything else illegal."
Source: DT

"Half of Detroit’s schools would be shut down and high school class size would rise to 62 students under a deficit reduction plan proposed by Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Robert Bobb this week.  The Detroit News reports that Bobb says these changes will be needed if the legislature does not act to restructure DPS finances. The school system has a $327 million deficit."
Source: Michigan Messenger

"The Syracuse school district needs to cut 425 jobs, including 140 teachers, to help close a projected $47 million budget gap next fiscal year."

"Fresh from his third inauguration as California's governor, Jerry Brown is proposing a state budget that would slash spending-- including half a billion dollars from the California State University System.  'These cuts will be painful, requiring sacrifice from every sector of the state, but we have no choice,' Brown said during his introduction of the budget proposal.  Brown spoke of a new fiscally responsible era that would end budget gimmicks and cut spending enough to close California's $26 billion budget shortfall. The governor's proposal cuts $12.5 billion and effects all state agencies including Medi-Cal, welfare-to-work programs and developmental services. State employees would suffer a 10 percent pay decrease."
Source: The Lumberjack

"When the tide lowers, we'll find out who's skinny dipping."
Warren Buffet

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