Monday, November 10, 2008

Crash Proof

My friend, Bubbaloo, turned me on to Peter Schiff, the author of the book, Crash Proof.

Checkout the video:

Buy the book:

Here's a great contrast of two views:

"The reader of this book faces a difficult task, one that will put him in such an extreme minority that he will feel isolated and unsupported. By selling all of your stocks, you will take the maverick road, and you will take it alone. I have no doubt that by the time this bull market is ending, our call for a huge crash and depression will be laughed off the street. Do not lose your perspective when the time comes. It will take great courage to make money during this bull market. However, it will take greater courage to get out near the top, because that's when the world will call you a damn fool for selling."
Robert Prechter, At The Crest of The Tidal Wave, 1995, p. 217

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