Monday, November 17, 2008

God, Faith, and Boudreaux

A good friend sent me a timely email speaking about how important faith in God is during trying times. We often focus on the challenges of the day and sometimes lose sight of the big picture. Despite the balance in our 401k's, everyone I know has their health, happiness, a job, and a great family. So all is good!

When I think of faith and the challenge of knowing when to "listen" and when to "act", I often think of my friend Boudreaux during Hurricane Katrina. Boudreaux lived down on the bayou in south Louisiana. As Katrina was approaching, his neighbors drove by and offered him a ride in their car to head north to higher ground. Boudreaux responded, "I don't need a ride. God will take care of me." The next day the flood waters rose quickly and Boudreaux had to climb to the roof to stay dry. A rescue boat came up to his house to rescue him but Boudreaux declined and said "I don't need a boat. God will take care of me." The water continued to rise and Boudreaux was sitting on the top of his chimney. A coast guard helicopter flew above and lowered a man down to save Boudreaux. Boudreaux told him "I go to church ever Sunday and pray to God every day. I don't need your help. God will save me". The helicopter reluctantly left and hours later Boudreaux drowned as the water rose above his chimney. As he awaited processing in Heaven, an angry Boudreaux asked to immediately speak to God. Moments later God appeared and asked Boudreaux what was so important. Boudreaux said "God, I went to church every Sunday and prayed to you every night. I told everyone that you would save me, but you did not." God looked at him and said "Boudreaux, what do you mean that I didn't try to save you. I sent a car, a boat, and a helicopter!"

One of life's great challenges is attempting to sort the balance of faith and action. When do you sit quietly, listen, and wait, and when do you take action?

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