Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations Mr. Obama

It was predicted to be a historic night and that it was. The masses have spoken and they've spoken clearly. Barack Obama captured 52% of the popular vote and a staggering 67% of the electoral vote. As the cycle turns, the house gets cleaned. Most interesting to me is that 56% of women voted against Palin. Over 118 million people voted. That's double an American Idol vote!

It was exciting to witness history being made. Throughout most of the election process, race was not discussed greatly. Last night, it was obvious that many were excited that we finally elected a black person to the office of president. As a country, we should be proud of this moment. I believe that it has spoken volumes to the world.

I believe that Republicans have to admit the following: Obama is a very intelligent man. He ran an incredibly strategic campaign. He is an extremely eloquent speaker. He has inspired the masses. I've not seen rallies quite like the ones I saw last night. He has inspired Generation X. He has attracted people like Colin Powell and Warren Buffet so I expect that he'll build an impressive cabinet.

Mr. McCain gave a gracious speech and laid the groundwork for participation and cooperation.

Seeing live video from Harlem made me think about my late uncle, Father David Kirk, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in the 60's and spent 40 years in Harlem fighting for the homeless. He would be very proud today.

Mr. Obama has a challenging job ahead. This morning on CNN, one of the correspondents called it "the worst inbox in the world". Stay tuned, these are interesting times.

Source: CNN

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Johnny said...

I agree with you, but the GenX label has now turned to the "ReGeneration." With the large support from the youth vote, there may just be hope for the future generation.