Monday, November 24, 2008

Jack Sparrow and The Oil Tanker

The character, Captain Jack Sparrow, brought back the image of the pirate to the silver screen. While a little bizarre and feminine, he still, along with his dark crew, reminded us of the old days when the thieves of the sea took whatever they wanted from the less protected.

It's interesting to read recent news stories of pirates seizing massive tankers off the eastern coast of Africa.

"Since January, at least 91 vessels have been attacked in the Gulf of Aden, an area of 1 million square miles (2.6 million square kilometers) flanked by Yemen and Somalia and leading to the Suez Canal. Since then, both Indian and British naval ships have engaged pirates in combat and French commandos freed two nationals held by hijackers." Source: Bloomberg

The pirates are feeling the effects of deflation. Yesterday, they reduced their ransom by 40%!
During the contraction phase of the cycle, the "have nots" will seek what they feel entitled to from the "haves". This will likely occur on all scales. As the mass social mood continues to shift down, what protective measures will be taken by governments and individuals to protect themselves?

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Los piratas, los ladrones del mar