Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Black Gold Entitlement

I've had the conversation about oil and consumption with so many people and the majority appear to believe that we, as Americans, are entitled to all of the worlds resources because we are the greatest country on the planet. That perspective is leading us down a road to destruction and conflict.

Last Sunday night, I watched the 20/20 special titled "Over a Barrel, The Truth About Oil" that was hosted by Charlie Gibson on ABC. For the most part, it provided a fair assessment of the industry and our country's problems relating to the oil supply/demand equation.

I've not contributed much on this topic to date, but plan to in the future. Our overconsumption combined with our mentality of entitlement lead us down a dangerous path. T. Boone summed up my perspective very well.

"You are the problem. You America. You and I Charlie. That you're the problem because you're using 25% of the oil with 4% of the population. You're not entitled to that."
T. Boone Pickens

"Something has got to give."
Charlie Gibson

Part I of the special:

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