Monday, August 3, 2009

Willie, Mellen, Bob, and Me

I had the pleasure of attending a concert last night featuring three music legends: Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp. Willie was up first. While not a Willie fan, I was incredibly impressed with the strength and crispness of his 77 year old voice. The crowd had its share of Willie fans. His ponytail looks over three feet long! He played a nice upbeat set.

John Mellencamp, one of my favorites, was up second. His oldies picked the crowd up. A nice acoustic set intertwined some old and some new. He debuted a new song, "Save Some Time To Dream" during the acoustic portion which was really good with a strong message.
Video clip of it:

Big daddy Bob challenged the crowd with his aged, raspy voice that sometimes resembled a "frog in his throat". Most of his set was the more recent songs, but we had to miss the finale'. I'll be upset if I missed "Rolling Stone", "Watchtower", or "Blowin' In The Wind".

I can now tell the grandchildren someday that I saw Willie once, Dylan twice, and Mellencamp numerous times.

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