Saturday, August 15, 2009

U.S. Fed Inc.

The recent news regarding the U.S. Postal Service makes one think really hard on whether we want the government controlling our medical sector. I surmise that the mail business is pretty straight forward. You are able the track the volume of mail being delivered which should then provide the ability to grow or contract the operation as needed and in a timely fashion. It's definitely not rocket science.

Fox news reports:
"Government budget woes, the efficiency of the Internet and the staggering volume of junk mail have rightfully buried the U.S. Postal Service, say environmental groups and budget analysts who call the mail delivery model built on the Pony Express no longer viable in the 21st century."

"Nearly 700 post offices around the country are scheduled for potential closure and consolidation by the independent Postal Regulatory Commission. In a document presented to a House subcommittee last week, the near-bankrupt U.S. Postal Service also called for reducing service from six to five days a week."

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