Monday, August 17, 2009

The Goal Of The Bullrider

I've had many conversations with the angry mob lately and I continue to use my analogy of the bullrider. I argue that the president can't control or change the cycle, dictators can't, and we as individuals can't. But, we can protect, plan, and adjust for the next phase of the cycle. We should focus on "staying on the bull" for the 8 seconds and give up on the dream of taming the bull and riding him for many minutes or hours. That is simply unrealistic. The bull is untrainable, and we're best focusing our energy and time on making the best of our 8 seconds of the ride. Turn off MSNBC and FOX, and focus on what makes you the best 8 second rider!

"No person or agency can manipulate the markets, at least not for more than a day or two." Robert Prechter

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JHD said...

Unfortunately the majority of the bullriders are stuck in Plato's Cave: