Saturday, February 27, 2010

College Chaos

It was a busy week of protesting on college campuses.

"Bay Area students, faculty and organizers revving up for a series of protests and rallies next week over fee increases and cutbacks to public education condemned the destruction and violence at UC Berkeley late Thursday by demonstrators promoting the March 4th events. What started as a nighttime, open-air dance party in Upper Sproul Plaza with up to 200 people quickly soured into a riot as protesters vandalized a vacant university building and then lit trash cans on fire and clashed with police on Telegraph Avenue."
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

"Anger boiled over on the University of California San Diego campus Friday, where students took over the chancellor's office for several hours to protest the hanging of a noose in a campus library. Students wearing red handkerchiefs over their faces blocked the doors to Chancellor Marye Anne Fox's offices for hours, while more students inside chanted ''Real pain, real change.'"
Source: The New York Times

"College campuses will continue to "heat up". The younger generation is awaking to the fact that their parents squandered their future."
Random Roving, January 1, 2010

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