Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paying The Piper

"In 2010-13, they will be getting hit with the bill from the lavish years, through increased taxes and the loss of millions of jobs. Economies which became excessively consumer-oriented are going to be forced to slim down. Meantime, governments have been reluctant to tighten their belts, and are trying to restore "the old normal", by borrowing money aggressively, and spending it recklessly on poorly-designed stimulus programs. The foreign holders of dollar, sterling, and euro debts, will try to get the taxpayers to foot the bills for the excesses of their banks and the governments. But there is an increasing risk that taxpayers will revolt, and refuse to pay the full amount of those debts. We have already seen a rejection like this already in Iceland, and it seems this sort of drama will soon be played out in Greece, and the other PIGS countries in Europe, and also in many American states. Eventually, the larger economies of the UK and the US may also face the same problems, when debtors begin to reject lending fresh money to over-stretched sovereign borrowers."
Michael Hampton, AKA Dr.Bubb - February 10, 2010

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