Monday, January 26, 2009

Cold and Hot

I often find microcosms great places to learn and to understand the larger picture. A microcosm, like a fractal, provides a smaller scale of the larger structure. Fractals, being self affine, provide the opportunity to observe and understand a structure on any scale.

Recent developments in Iceland and Zimbabwe provide "microcosm opportunities" that could guide us for the future. Iceland, a country of 300,000, appears to be suffering the financial crisis on an extreme level. The Prime Minister just terminated his entire cabinet. The commerce minister also resigned. Our country appears to believe that the politicians can save us while history will prove that Iceland is leading the "politician exodus". A mob of 7000 people protested in front of the parliament building calling for the government to step down.

Zimbabwe is experiencing 11,200,000% inflation, the highest in the world. No, I didn't accidentally type too many zeros. Can you imagine what a meal costs there now? Basic necessities to live? A loaf of bread costs 1.6 trillion Zimbabwe dollars up from 200,000. Political chaos continues to reign.



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