Monday, January 12, 2009

Drunk on Kool-Aid

"The mushroom cloud never forms until the mania is over because people are too mesmerized by the boom to see even the most blatant abuse in their quest for 'easy money' ".

Robert Prechter - January 2009

I read this last week in a report and it rang so true. Every day on the news we see reports from within the "mushroom cloud". Everyone now has a theory on why and how, but 99% didn't see it coming. The "blatant abuse" has evolved during the entire expansion phase. The Madoff scam is a classic example. It didn't happen yesterday and it wasn't fallout from the mortgage crisis. It was one small piece of an overall cycle. Regulation is always laxed during the expansion. The SEC investigated Madoff during the expansion, but the hammer doesn't fall until the contraction phase gains momentum.

The cycle vibrates along and the herding mammals align in perfect synchronization. These unfolding events are the "flip side" of the last 26 years of excess. The mob's anger continues to grow as their long buzz wears off. For details, keep your eyes on Israel/Gaza, India/Pakistan, Greece, Russia/former Republics, Zimbabwee, and the Congo. When will N. Ireland reignite? That Christian struggle has always baffled me. Keep your ears on the ground and your eyes on the road!

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