Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Excitement About The Excitement

It was amazing to see the masses of people all over our nation's capital today to celebrate and be a part of the inauguration of our new president, Barack Hussein Obama. As a non-partisan American, I felt a sincere excitement about the excitement. It is an important time for our citizens to feel confident, excited, and full of hope. I believe that an important message was sent to our nation and to the rest of the world today. We showed the best part of who we are. We're a country where anyone can succeed if they want to. Having the inauguration the day after Martin Luther King day is very symbolic. I wish the President success, safety, and the support of our nation.

The road ahead will be challenging and our new president was very frank and direct about that again today. Can you imagine the agenda for his staff meeting tomorrow:
-Hillary's confirmation, TARP #1, TARP #2, TARP #3, Iraq, Israel/Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, The Congo, Russian gas exports

I can't even imagine the weight that is placed upon the shoulders of our president. Hopefully the unity that was displayed today can carry on beyond tomorrow morning. It will be a tough road ahead and a full court press will be required by all.

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