Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poetic Pirate Justice

The oil tanker pirating ended in poetic justice:

"The body of a Somali pirate who drowned just after receiving part of a ransom washed ashore with more than $150,000 in cash, a resident of Xarardheere, a coastal town, said Sunday.
Five pirates drowned Friday when their small boat capsized after they received a reported $3 million ransom for releasing a Saudi oil tanker. Omar Abdi Hassan, the resident, said that one of the bodies had been found on a beach near Xarardheere and that his relatives were searching for the other four pirates. “One of them was discovered, and they are still looking for the other ones,” he said. “He had $153,000 in a plastic bag in his pocket.” The United States Navy released photographs of a package dropped with a parachute onto the deck of the Sirius Star, the Saudi oil tanker, and said the item was likely to be the ransom delivery. But five of the dozens of pirates who had hijacked the tanker drowned when their small boat capsized as they returned to shore in rough weather. Three other pirates survived but lost their share of the ransom."

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