Friday, January 16, 2009


My kids continue to educate me on the texting lingo and acronyms. Most know that OMG stands for "Oh My God" or as a female teenager might say "Oh Mya Gahhawd".

I was watching George Stephanopolous interview Barack Obama this past weekend. Stephanopolous ask "during the briefings over the past few weeks, was there anything that surprised you?". Obama replied "George you know that that's confidential information!". I would have loved to have been a "fly on the wall" during the Pentagon briefings. Can't you picture Barack saying "OMG!". If he still was able to use his Blackberry, he would probably have texted his friends "OMG, you won't believe the mess we're in! We're never leaving the Middle East!".

We take for granted that what's on the evening news is really what is going on around the world. After watching a few Tom Clancy movies, you have to think that maybe we don't know a whole lot of the real facts. Maybe there are a few covert operations and assasinations of key players around the world. My guess is that President Elect Obama now has more of a clear picture of the trouble ahead and the complexities involved.

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