Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Media & The Mob

The media is catching on, but "late to the party" as always. More perspective relating to Evan Bayh's announcment.

"As voter polls continue to show a rising tide of resentment for congressional incumbents, Indiana's Evan Bayh became the latest official to announce he will not seek re-election."
PBS Newshour - February 16, 2010

"Anti-incumbent, anti-government sentiment permeates the air. A lot can change in the next nine months, but the current political pendulum seems to be swinging against the incumbent Democratic majority and towards a purified, conservative Republican party."

The Daily Campus

What they don't realize is that the angry mob is "swinging the pendulum" at whoever is in office despite their political party. Team Red is missing the point. The same phenomenom that put Obama in office also put "Centerfold Boy" Brown in office. The angry mob wants anyone BUT who currently holds the office.

"The wrath of angry voters has had a decidedly bipartisan impact, with recent retirement announcements coming from Republican Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart and other Republican House members from Michigan, Indiana, Arkansas and Arizona."
CBS News

"I used to think that a whole generation of new, young voters would be disillusioned if Barack Obama was not elected president. Now I think those same new, young voters are becoming disillusioned because he is president--and he hasn't delivered on changing the way Washington works."
US News & World Reports

"National swings between the two parties are amplified by politicians' natural tendency to stay put when things are going well and retire when the political climate looks stormy."
Andrew Gelman -

"There is clearly more such mayhem to come, and Congress and financial authorities of every stripe are hard at work preparing the tar and feathers. A big bear market in social mood always attaches itself to the reputations of those who rose highest in the preceding advance."
Robert Prechter - January 2009

"It's interesting to watch "the shift" occur live. After crossing a significant inflection point in the year 2000, we have seen a downward trend in mass social mood. Aligned with this shift, we've seen many witch hunts. Suddenly there are witches everywhere!
Random Roving - October 20, 2009 - "Witches In Edinburgh"

"The angry mob is seeking culprits. The game of politics is hot as ever. Rush Limbaugh has resurfaced as the Republican hero. Obama is now to blame for this whole crisis. Those with financial losses are seeking someone to blame."

Random Roving - March 7, 2009 - "The Blame Game"

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