Friday, March 26, 2010

Eating Ice Cream In The Forest

Boy, the angry mob just got more angry this week. "Obamacare" set off the latest fireworks. As our VP said, "This is a big f**king deal!". Way to go Joe.

To state once again, being non-partisan, one can analyze a situation with a non-biased and unemotional perspective. The emotions are riding high these days. My email box is "on fire" the past few days with emails about Hitler, the collapsing US empire, and some cute little tales about kids running for office by promising ice cream.

So my question is, "does anyone think for themselves anymore?". All I hear from friends, associates, strangers, and the yahoos on TV is regurgitated political garbage. Does anyone actually research anything and form their own opinion? I can tell you exactly what a Republican or Democrat will say today. I'm not sure if "sheeple" or "zombies" is the best analogy.

As predicted on election day, President Obama will be the fall guy. A 28 year cycle has come to an end and someone has to hold the "hot potato". The fear is just amazing. Can you imagine if Obama passed the Patriot Act??? Wow. The Hitler emails would be ten fold.

Dubya was smart. He created the great "boogeyman" to scare the sheeple before he passed the Patriot Act and invaded the richest oil region in the world. Herding mammals "come together" when in fear. Once tightly together, selling these initiatives was easy. Most don't even know what the Patriot Act is or allows because they were hiding from the boogeyman when it quickly passed through our governing bodies.

Why didn't anyone protest that Dubya created the least jobs per year than any president in the last 11 presidents?

Over Bush's two terms, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 28%! Over eight years, you not only didn't grow your retirement account, but you lost over a quarter of it. So, again I ask, "where was the tea party?".

When Bush left office, the US had $55,000,000,000,000 of unfunded liabilities! That's 55 trillion! He left us with record debt. Where was the tea party? You might want to make the 32.5 minute investment again:

Passing legislation for healthcare is a little more challenging. How do you create a "healthcare boogeyman". The "haves" already have coverage, so they risk losing something. Obama didn't take my advice to complete some short passes first!

Where is the Wall Street boogeyman? There has not been one change in the SEC rules since the meltdown. Amazing isn't it? Where are the teaparty protestors? I guess that they were not Madoff or Stanford victims. Why doesn't Sean, Ann, Glenn, and Bill throw a tea party asking for changes in the SEC? You don't want to know the answer to that one.

Well folks, stay calm and realize that there's more to come. Keep "the cycle model" in mind when you watch the news at night. If you know the "hurricane is coming", you won't be surprised and panic. It's time to distinguish the "forest from the trees".

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