Friday, February 6, 2009

The Capacity of Hope

I continue to have some great conversations regarding the state of the world. I conclude that some have now become engaged in the facts underlying the situation. Others still hang on to this concept of hope. I believe that we all have hope. Hope is what keeps us all believing in the future. Hope is alive and well in most people.

It's important to distinguish hope from reality. After the Titantic struck the iceberg, all of the passengers on the ship hoped that the ship would not sink. Most didn't "sit idle" hoping, they took action. They either boarded a life boat, assisted others with boarding a life boat, jumped overboard, or they stood on the deck assessing the remaining options. To be paralyzed with hope might resemble the musicians that kept playing on the deck of the Titantic up to the point that it tipped and sank. Be hopeful but take action.

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