Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

Well today is the biggest day in America, the ultimate capitalistic event, the Super Bowl. It's a great excuse to socialize. We're having 37 of our favorite neighbors over for wings, quesadillas, brisket, chips, and whatever else shows up. Yes, I was wrong again on one of my many Manning Bowl. I wasn't even close on that one. My New Orleans homies went "1 and out".

At least I still have Bruce and the E Street Band to look forward to at halftime. My buddy, E Street Guru D.M., was over yesterday and we brainstormed the possible set list. We agreed that "Born To Run" for the finale' is a no brainer. D.M. likes "Glory Days", a great upbeat tune with a sports connection. I'm betting on "Working On A Dream", the title track from the new album. Yes, I still call them albums for some reason. We'll see. I guarantee that it will be upbeat, energetic, and no wardrobe malfunctions.

That Kurt Warner story never gets old. I have to admit that I'm so out of touch with the details of the NFL, that I didn't realize till a few weeks ago that he was still playing. I better join that fantasy football league next year. Where have I been? It's just the ultimate Cinderella Story. From grocery bagger to Super Bowl MVP.....quite a leap. I heard a new story about him this week. In memory of the tough times his family had, when his family is eating out at a restaurant, one of his kids get to pick a family in the room and anonomously buy their dinner. Pretty cool. Keep "paying it forward" Kurt.

NBC is happy. They set a record with $260 million of revenue, $200 million of it for the commercials.

My favorite little Etrade dude didn't spend the money to participate this year. Check him out. "Can I hit you back, babe"

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