Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Analysis on Puplava's Commodities Pick

In 2000-01 Jim Puplava in his Storm Series made a strong case for the purchase of commodities. His convincing analysis encouraged me to share his predictions with my inner circle of friends. I jumped in late in the game (Oct-07) for the final ascent and subsequent correction.

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Given all of these uncertainties, where should one invest this year? I believe the "Next Big Thing" is going to be in "things" such as commodities. The big winners in this decade are going to be gold, silver, and energy. Other commodities from sugar, coffee, cocoa and grains, to other soft goods will also be winners. Commodity prices will rise because of two trends: a declining US dollar and rising populations and industrialization of developing economies.
The time for paper is over and the rise of "things" has just begun.

These charts reveal a very timely recommendation by Puplava.

His "buy" recommendation was incredibly accurate. You might ask if he recommended selling before the fall 2008 deflationary downward spiral? The answer is "no". Puplava still foresees an inflationary depression with these commodities skyrocketing again. If he's right, it's time to load up. I'm holding steady with my commodity holdings. Checkout some ETF's that provide the easy option to participate in the commodities market:

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