Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Shot The Monkey?

The news was filled last week with stories surrounding the controversial cartoon in the New York Post. The cartoon depicted two police shooting a monkey and stating that someone else will need to write the next stimulus bill. Several came forward claiming "racism" was the motivation for the cartoon and that it was a direct reference to President Obama. My take is that I have to think that racism was not the motive, but the cartoon does imply a strong reference.

The real question is "is racism alive and well in the U.S.?". I believe it is, but it now resides below the surface for political correctness reasons. Following the election, the "geologist in me" couldn't help but notice an interesting pattern on the election results map. The correlation between the "civil war states" and the election results are quite interesting. As times get tougher, I predict that race relations will become more strained.

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