Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Expensive Freebie

I guess this proves that there is nothing free in this world:

Source: Houston Chronicle
ROSENBERG — A trip out for a free breakfast at Denny's took a big bite out of the wallets of several people in Rosenberg on Tuesday. Some of those who went to the local Denny's Corp. restaurant for a free Grand Slam breakfast Tuesday morning came out to find their cars had been towed from their spots outside other business establishments. The bill to get their cars back cost $217.15, or the equivalent of about 35of the $5.99 Grand Slam breakfasts. "I was just here to pick up my mother-in-law in her wheelchair. All the handicapped parking spaces were full, so I parked here in a regular space," Dalia Molina, of Rosenberg, told the Fort Bend Herald outside Hollywood Video, which was closed at the time. "I was gone two minutes and when I came wheeling my mother-in-law out in her wheelchair, my truck was gone."
"They knew that Denny's was going to have this today. Why not have someone out here to tell us where the line is drawn — where we can't park? I'm going to fight this. I want my money back. They charge $20 a day for storage fee, plus I had to pay for a cab."

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