Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Know How This Is Going To End

Back in high school, I remember going to see the original "Friday The 13th" movie. As the last scene commences and the girl is floating in the canoe in the lake, I look over and my buddy John has his eyes covered with his hand. I started laughing and said "John what's wrong?". He looks at me and says "I know how this is going to end" and exits the theatre. Well, John was right. The movie wasn't over yet, and Jason was going to make an appearance in the final scene. Who would have thought that the movie lives on today with another generation of kids?Watching the continued meltdown of the worldwide markets makes me think "I know how this is going to end". The market continues it's natural cleansing, but unfortunately takes innocent victims along with it. First, the Madoff scam, and now the Stanford ordeal. Unfortunately, I believe it will be much longer before Jason emerges from the bottom of the lake. Until then, munch on some popcorn, make some bold decisions, and keep floating safely in your canoe.

Doesn't the calming music just lull you to sleep!

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