Thursday, March 5, 2009

John Stewart & CNBC - The Kool-Aid Party Continues

Last night I was watching CNBC and was amazed (not really) at the mega-hype after a one day bear market rally. These people are selling so much hype with no data to back it up. Kudlow can't stop drinking the "bubble Kool-Aid". Cramer....well, he makes the Kool-Aid! It was really hard to watch because they only provide one perspective. They only provide one outcome. And that perspective continues to be proven horribly wrong.

I wish that I could have compiled the following piece. John Stewart captures the concept quite well. Moral to the story: do your own research; evaluate long term historical data (e.g. has this happened before? Is so, when and why?); make your own decisions....break away from the herd. Mammals that run in herds get trampled. Enjoy the video below!

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