Friday, March 13, 2009

Metals, Agriculture, and Energy

This is an excerpt from a recent article posted by Jaime Carrasco on He likes "the tide" metaphor also:

"It has been my contention since last fall that due to the level of money creation inflation is inevitable. I further speculated that the precious metals sector would take the lead in signaling the loss of purchasing power of currencies, followed by the agriculture sector, and then the oil sector. So far this course is playing out accordingly. It is important to understand that prior to a Tsunami the water recedes only to comeback with full force. My observations lead me to believe that the early tides of this massive inflationary Tsunami are coming in. The next period will be the last chance to inflation-proof your portfolio. If you do not yet believe in the inflation thesis raise cash during the next market bounce, otherwise reposition yourself to benefit from this paradigmatic transfer of wealth. My main investment thesis, inflation hedging, has not changed and I continue to recommend that clients have greater long term consideration in precious metals, agriculture, and energy. I would be very happy to discuss my conclusions and their implications for your net worth, please feel free to contact me."

The full article:

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