Sunday, March 8, 2009

Men Are In Bars, Women Are From Venus

Jeremiah sent me an article that was really interesting regarding the topic of collapse. The author, Dmitry Orlov, has lived his life in both Russia and the U.S. and has some very interesting views on the comparison of the countries and their economic challenges. I'll be sharing some more from that in the coming weeks. For now, I wanted to share this observation.

"Women seem much more able to cope. Perhaps it is because they have less of their ego invested in the whole dubious enterprise, or perhaps their sense of personal responsibility is tied to those around them and not some nebulous grand enterprise. In any case, the women always seem far more able to just put on their gardening gloves and go do something useful, while the men tend to sit around groaning about the Empire, or the Republic, or whatever it is that they lost. And when they do that, they become very tedious company. And so, without a bit of mental preparation, the men are all liable to end up very lonely and very drunk. So that's my little intervention."
Dmitry Orlov

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