Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Father David Kirk On The Compass

Being Holy Week, I'll take a breather from the crazy events in the world and present some writings from Father David Kirk.

"The Gospel tells us in a thousand ways that the important thing is not to "win". But to arrive at the discovery of the Other in God and in our brothers and sisters. It is not a choice between living a "ruined" life and an infantile life; it is a matter of, day in and out, maturing through the options that we must choose, and through the love which brings security to others."

"In the context of the Gospel, God does not appear like the father who locks the door so that the children cannot go out at night. Rather, God is like a light on our way, like a compass guiding us in our options, someone who does not abandon us in the risky exercise of freedom, and helps us refashion events that seem headed toward disaster. This, at least, has been my experience of freedom on the road to Emmaus."

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